Win At Wheel

Your Guide To Winning At Wheel Of Fortune

Whether you are about to be a contestant or just like to play at home, can help you win at Wheel Of Fortune. Read and follow our how-to guide on strategy and tips for solving puzzles, and win some Big Money today!

Game Play

Rule Number 1

Remember RSTLNE!

These are the most common letters and will appear in words more often than any other. Do not forget RSTLNE!

Remember the Theme

Every show has a theme, be sure to remember this important clue during the toss-ups (though not all) and the Prize Puzzle (pretty much always).



Puzzle Types

Living Thing(s)

Typically a dog breed OR an adjective + either a bird or a flower:


Same Name

The two words will be of a different nature, e.g. AMERICAN AND RHUBARB PIE

Same Letter

All words will begin with the same letter, e.g. WILLY WONKA, BAKED BANANA BREAD

Song Lyrics

The puzzle will be lyrics to a song, e.g. DROVE MY CHEVY TO THE LEVY

What's That Song

Like "Song Lyrics", the puzzle will be lyrics to a song. The puzzle solver will then get a chance to name the title of the song for an additional $3,000.

What Are You Doing?

First word typically action, ends with "ing" so call an "N", if it's there then buy an "I" and call a "G"

On the Map

Not necessarily tangible, e.g. CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER

Star and Role

Typically uses the word "as" so call "S", if it's there buy "A"

Before & After

May use a proper (real) name as one of the two:


When solving the puzzle, be sure not to say the "swing" word twice! Players have lost the puzzle by doing this, though it seems to be somewhat at Pat's discretion.

Same Name

Often uses proper (real) name as one of the two...

Proper Name

Often includes a title:



Free Spin

Don't waste it by using it if you are on the first letter or two of the puzzle, it will probably come back to you. Exceptions are short puzzles, when it's late in the show, and if there's an especially good player.

NewsFlash! Free Spin has been replaced by Free Play!

"Free Play" will be on the wheel during the first three rounds of play and can be landed on repeatedly, and by all 3 contestants, without losing its value.  The wedge gives the contestant immunity on his or her first action. If he or she calls a letter that is not in the puzzle, calls a letter that has already been called or incorrectly tries to solve the puzzle, he or she will not lose a turn.  It also allows contestants to call a vowel for free whether or not they have the $250 necessary.  Unlike “Free Spin”, which had no value when landed on, each correct consonant called during a “Free Play” is worth $500.

Mystery Round

Only consider if have $3k or less and can otherwise risk losing your turn.

Bonus Round

Pat's Pointers

Stay tuned for some great pointers!